Locations - MatriX (Suzhou) Trading Co. Ltd. China

​MatriX' Chinese subsidiary, located in Suzhou Industrial Park (Shanghai area), currently employs a well-trained 15 staff in the area of service engineering, application engineering and sales support.
Most of the high-speed AXI system installations in Greater China are located in the main industrial regions Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai at a renowned customer base from the consumer electronics, EMS and automotive industry (approx. 90 units). In order to secure a continuous support and short service response times for the installed AXI equipment base, MatriX (Suzhou) maintains a decentralised regional support structure including on-site engineering, application & spare parts support services for its Chinese customers within the respective regions.
In addition, MatriX (Suzhou) offers AXI/MXI pre-sales application support and demo services at its 450 sqm Suzhou branch office (based on latest AXI demo equipment).
MatriX' China team is continously supported by MatriX’ German engineering and application team with the latest product innovations and updates in the area of AXI soft- and hardware. Upon request, MatriX AXI demonstration equipment can be utilized at the Suzhou facility for initial customer demonstrations and application tests/reports upon request.

  • Operating functions and services
  • Service, production and application support (Chinese customers)
  • Installation and training services (Chinese system installs)
  • AXI system and application demo area at MatriX China’s Suzhou facility
  • Local spare-part support and warehousing (Suzhou office)
  • Pre-sales and distribution of AXI equipment (China and Taiwan)


​MatriX (Suzhou) Trading Co. Ltd.
Block D-01/03-04, Ascendas Xinsu, No. 5 Xinghan Street
Suzhou Industrial Park, PRC 215021
Phone: +86.136.56 20 39 52
Email: china@m-xt.com