Inspection engine


The common inspection engine for all MatriX X-ray systems does offer multiple layouts for production, Tech&Go, Online SPC, etc.. Each is dedicated to a specific operation mode and can be further customized. The inspection engine does provide image acquisition and analysis in real-time, using the inspection strategies (2D, Off-Axis, SFT, 3D) as defined within MIPS-Tune. Additionally is teaching and manual inspection supported. The geometrical and imaging chain calibration is handled by this package and may be manually or, triggered by an continuous self-test, automatically invoked. Multi-language support is granted on a per user base. Additionally can messages be customized in order to reflect the actual factory workflow requirements.

Software Features

  • Automated Golden Sample test
  • Inspection algorithms for 100% inspection, including BGA, QFN, Heatsinks, Gullwing, Chips, etc
  • Online cycle time and yield displays
  • Custom MES connection, including process validation
  • Automatic self-test and calibration
  • Multiple, customizable access permission levels
  • End of line pass-fail sorting across all inspection processes
  • Automatic product changeover, based on barcode or MES query