Verification software


MIPS-Verify can be linked to automatic AXI/AOI inspection systems for closed loop verification & repair. The software offers ideal operator support for verification of the defect images. Different kind of images of the same defect (e.g. transmission, SFT, off-axis, AOI) can be displayed at the same time to facilitate evaluation. The new Tune plugin allows algorithm-processing on defect images in MIPS-Verify. In consequence the measures for the joint type of your choice are then presented in colours, including e.g. a percentage analysis for voids. Comprehensive configuration options allow for the ideal integration into any factory workflow.

Software Features

  • Modular Verification Software with interfaces to all other MIPS Software Units
  • Defect Verification, Defect Management and Defect Archiving
  • Parallel display of transmission, off-axis, slice image, SFT or optical image
  • Easy to use, flexible GUI
  • Custom MES integration
  • 3rd party inspection system integration