High Speed AOI system


MatriX offers the MV-200C high-speed AOI system as an enhancement to its X2/X2.5 platform of x-ray inspection systems. The AOI module features CyberOptics award-winning strobe inspection module (SIM) technology. SIM uses the strobe technology for on-the-fly area scanning inspection resulting in production speed rates of up to 200cm2/s. At the same time the quality of the captured image is excellent with high resolution. Main applications in combination with the MatriX high-speed AXI systems are component presence and polarity tests.

​X-ray System Features

  • High Speed AOI system
  • Dual fixed angle lighting
  • Multiple 5 Megapixel Color CMOS Cameras
  • Resolution: 17µm pixel size
  • Image Transfer Protocol PCIE
  • Image Processing: AI2 Technology
  • Simple on-line or off-line programming
  • CAD Import: Any column separated text file (Standard information required – ref. designator, XY, Angle, Part no.)
  • Compact, modular design for easy and space- saving integration into production line


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